Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

June update

I know we were just at the Creche, but we just got her update and there are always new things. First of all her paperwork was submitted to Parquet, so another step closer, YEA! They say she now acknowleges her pictures as her adoptive parents, I don't know if this was written before or after we were there. My guess is before. Pretty much all the other info we knew because we were with her, what a blessing that was.

At the homestead, we continue to attend baseball games. JJ's team is going to state next week, which is in Mt. Vernon, that is nice. Willy got picked to be on the All Whatcom County team, which is really cool. We are done with school and lovin' the sunshine. Grandma let us use her pool this year, so Sierra is lovin' life. She loves to play in the water. Unfortunately our yard got out of control while I was on our June adventures so we have been weeding almost every day. Due to the high gas prices we have been spending a ton of time at home, it is nice. Billy is still at school with BP, lots of homework and tests.

Happy summer to all!