Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Going Home

Our last morning in Haiti was a hard one. JJ was not feeling well at all, I think he even had a fever and his stomach was really sick. He was very pale, I was worried. But I needed him to help at the airport so we could get out of Haiti safely. Everything went smoothly and by friday evening JJ was finally eating and feeling better. Thank you for your prayers. It was good to see him back to normal. After traveling for 26 hours we arrived safely at home and slept in our beds. It was nice to be home.

The last morning we got to play with Emmi and eat breakfast with her. She is just too cute. Someone brought out the sidewalk chalk and all the kids loved it! The older kids drew a picture of JJ, it was funny. When it came time to say good-bye, Madame Coindy told Emmi we have to leave but will come back when we have her papers ready. Emmi put her head down on my chest and gave me the biggest hug. She definitely knew what was happening. I felt like she knew all morning. The older kids know the routine for the trips, so they know the order of events and knew we were heading home. It is sad for all. When they took her away she threw a fit and I walked away. It wasn't as hard as I thought. I think I had prepared myself better, knowing it was just a visit, and she is well cared for. She had changed and improved so much that I know that can only happen in a good, loving environment. While we were hanging out waiting to go and I saw her eating a sucker, I guess they try to comfort the kids whose parents are leaving with a dum dum sucker. She was just sitting at the table eating her breakfast and happy, back to what she knows as normal. This whole process is so interesting to me. Sometimes I wonder if visiting is good or bad. I do notice that the kids whose parents visit really come out of their shell, that one on one time helps them feel loved, they feel connected to someone, they have a momma.

So once again we are called to pray for our Emmi and all 70 children in the Creche and Haiti. We still have more steps in the process and need to pray they go smoothly. There are so many factors. I just received info that our fingerprints are expiring, and so will other documents, so the sooner she comes home the better. I know it is God's plan and He is in control and His timing is perfect. I will rest in that.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing, heat, and dancing

Lunch at Mommie duncans was nice. Emmi was really tired and cranky so she stayed back to eat lunch and take a nap, it ended up a good choice. She woke up so happy. Mommie Duncan is out of town, but we got to see the new High School and Vo-tec, it is so big. What a cool thing to be able to offer the village. We also got to see power poles that have been put up so hopefully power soon. They also are hoping to build a medical center next to the Creche, which would be great for the kids as well as the villagers.

Today was really hot again, I have never sweated so much in my life. I went through 3 shirts that all were soaked, not looking forward to the stinky laundry when I get home. JJ has had an upset stomach off and on this week and isn't feeling well at all tonight. He skipped dinner and I gave him a perscription we brought just in case tonight. I am hoping he will be better tomorrow, I can't imagine traveling all day when you are sick. That would be a great prayer request.

JJ played a ton today with Emmi, she loves her older brother. He is so great with her. She was talking up a storm to us in Creole, even though we didn't know what she was saying. It sounded cool. She also would copy us and repeat what we said. She can say Momma, Daddy, JJ, Willy and Sierra, Sierra is a hard one for her, but she tried. We may need to come up with a nick name. JJ is great with all the kids, everyone is so impressed with him.

Tonight the kids surprised us with a performance of dancing. Sierra would have loved it! It was so cool and the kids were so cute. Emmi didn't dance, she was sleeping, all that playing with big brother wore her out. I got it all on video.

In the morning we will get a short time with Emmi and then we will have to say good-bye until we can come back. It will be sad to leave. I really love it here. The atmosphere is so calming and peaceful, even though there are 70 kids 6 and uunder. I will miss her, the Creche and the people.

Ox cart ride

Hey, they turned on the generator for a short time in the morning so I may get to do two posts today. We got to go on an ox cart ride this morning, it is really hot and muggy. I wonder what the temperature it? Definitely not Washington weather. The sun felt so good. JJ had a great time on the ride up to the river. The river is way down from January, I was amazed! Wednesday is market day, so there were just people hanging out, it looked alot different. There was some thyme in the river where they keep it fresh until market day, you could smell it. Very cool. Madame Coindy, the head mommy to the kids, came and it was great talking with her and just learning more. She is an amazing woman and loves the kids so much. Her personality is so fun.

Emmi loves her Momma and JJ, and she loves to be in charge. I am so weak here. I was up early and they had her ready in the dress we brought for her. She is just too cute! I love her smiles. Can't get enough. Off to Mommie Duncan's for lunch.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A long, hot day filled with lots of fun!

Today was filled with so much, including sweat. It was really hot and humid, almost too much for even me. I slept really good and late, even though the rooster was crowing at 4:00, ear plugs are your friend. When I went to go pick her up she ran, as much as she runs, down the hall to me, it was so precious. Life is good when a cute toddler gives you a sweet hug in the morning. She definitely knows who JJ and I are. Today she spent some quality time with JJ reading books and playing with playdough. Playing in the toddler JJ became a big hit with the boys, she has two buddies who seek him out where ever he is. He is so good with the kids.

Emmi has figured out that she is in charge. She walks around and wants us to follow her and do what she wants, I am weak. When it was time to put her down for her nap, I had decided to bring her back to her room so she could get a really good nap and she started to cry, so I ended up rocking her to sleep and laying her down in our room. JJ said I was "weak sauce".
She is really starting to interact with us and say things that I don't know what mean. I do understand "no" she uses it as a game.

This afternoon one of the moms and her friend organized a soccer clinic outside the Creche in the local village. We all went out to hang out and watch. Emmi wanted to be held the whole time, my arms are not used to it. JJ helped out and was so good with the kids. The little girls loved him and were trying to hold his hand, they thought he was cute. It was a great experience.

Emmi really opens up in the afternoon when we are outside, she was laughing and playing with all her friends, I got some great video. She also took off her shoes, which is a favorite thing to do, and hit one of JJ's buddies on the head. She is a normal 2 year old. She loves her babies, she likes to take off their clothes and put them back on. She has grown up so much in 6 months, from baby to toddler. I forgot how much I love the toddler age. I can't wait to get her home.

The doctor came today and looked at Emmi's eye and it does look better. When we went to say goodnight to her I sent JJ in to see if she was asleep, and she spotted JJ. When we came back in to say goodnight she was very upset he left. She loves her big brother. So I rocked her some. She loves to be held. What a privilage.

Billy, Willy and Sierra, I love you and miss you and I wish sooooooo much you could be here. Thanks for the post Sierra and Billy, Willy you are busted!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our first day in Haiti

After traveling all day monday and not getting much sleep we finally arrived at the Creche today around noon. All the kids were eating lunch and they brought Emmi to us, she walked over. I can´t belive how much she has changed! She is walking, talking and playing. There has been such a huge change in her since January. I even got smiles today, it did take some warming up. Also she called me momma along with many other children, but to hear her talk and say momma was really cool. She does speak some Creole and can say no. Today she discovered the camera and has decided that maybe she likes it, we even got a posed smile. She does have an owie on her eye which is as described to me an epidemic that comes from the dust in the air, it is really dry here, not quite the rainy season. They are anxiously awaiting the rain. They are putting medication on it and there are others who have the same thing, it should be better in a week or so. When we first saw her she wasn´t too sure of me, but now doesn´t want to leave me. I love it! JJ and Emmi took a nap today, Emmi on the bed american style and JJ on the floor haitian style. I also snuck in a nap, it felt good. While Emmi was sleeping I painted her fingernails, they are soooo cute. JJ had a great time playing soccer and frisbee with the boys outside, they loved him! He is so fun and he looks so big next to them. I think JJ is liking it here, he said the Creche was bigger than he thought, and the kids are soooo cute. We put together the walker and they were very happy, thank you Gracie. It is hot here, overcast and muggy. We love you and miss you, but are loving seeing Emmi.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Update

Emmi is doing good. She is now walking around everywhere, what a huge blessing. She had the flu and a cough but is doing better now. She is now weighing 28lbs, the girl likes to eat, I'm glad, she didn't used to. Since being moved to the toddler room, she hasn't been sleeping well, waking up crying. That breaks my heart. She is a shy girl(I'm sure that will change around us, we are anything but shy) and doesn't like change. It takes her a while to warm up and get used to someone. They said when we were there in January, she wasn't herself, which is actually good news. She was so non-responsive until the last day. I am hoping this trip she will remember me and be more open and comfortable with me.

For the paperwork update, we are still in the same place, no movement. There is a hold up due to an old law that states you can't adopt from Haiti if you have biological children. They just started to reinforce it, to our disadvantage. I know they are working on it though. A family with 3 children who is about a month ahead of us moved out of IBESR so that is encouraging news. Please continue praying.

JJ and I will be heading down to Haiti June 23-27, so please pray for our safety and a great connection with Emmi. I am excited for JJ to share this with me and to experience Haiti. You may be asking "why JJ?". Well, he was the one who wanted to go, except for Sierra of course, that I felt comfortable bringing by myself. I wasn't quite comfortable bringing Sierra without Billy. Willy wants to go only when he can bring his sister home. So it is JJ and I, and I can't wait.

We will be packing our bags full of donations for the orphanage so if your interested in donating please check out the blog for the second June trip donation list and I will be happy to pick up anything. Formula is the main need, but there is other specific stuff they need.

On the homefront, we are baseball and dance crazy. Willy is playing legion baseball through the summer. He hit a homerun the other night, whoo-hooo! JJ had a tournament at Bender and his team got first-ooh yea! Sierra and I continue to refine our dances for the performance this month. Billy is starting his new job at BP tomorrow, lots of changes going on around here. I do have to say, I am sooooooooooooo happy for the sunshine we have had, I love it! And only 2 more weeks of school. I love summer and hanging out with the kids. School is great and all, but I love the no pressure, sunny, no schedule summer. Although I am always ready for the structure when fall comes.

I will try to blog while in Haiti so tune in June 23-27.