Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Update

Emmi is doing good. She is now walking around everywhere, what a huge blessing. She had the flu and a cough but is doing better now. She is now weighing 28lbs, the girl likes to eat, I'm glad, she didn't used to. Since being moved to the toddler room, she hasn't been sleeping well, waking up crying. That breaks my heart. She is a shy girl(I'm sure that will change around us, we are anything but shy) and doesn't like change. It takes her a while to warm up and get used to someone. They said when we were there in January, she wasn't herself, which is actually good news. She was so non-responsive until the last day. I am hoping this trip she will remember me and be more open and comfortable with me.

For the paperwork update, we are still in the same place, no movement. There is a hold up due to an old law that states you can't adopt from Haiti if you have biological children. They just started to reinforce it, to our disadvantage. I know they are working on it though. A family with 3 children who is about a month ahead of us moved out of IBESR so that is encouraging news. Please continue praying.

JJ and I will be heading down to Haiti June 23-27, so please pray for our safety and a great connection with Emmi. I am excited for JJ to share this with me and to experience Haiti. You may be asking "why JJ?". Well, he was the one who wanted to go, except for Sierra of course, that I felt comfortable bringing by myself. I wasn't quite comfortable bringing Sierra without Billy. Willy wants to go only when he can bring his sister home. So it is JJ and I, and I can't wait.

We will be packing our bags full of donations for the orphanage so if your interested in donating please check out the blog for the second June trip donation list and I will be happy to pick up anything. Formula is the main need, but there is other specific stuff they need.

On the homefront, we are baseball and dance crazy. Willy is playing legion baseball through the summer. He hit a homerun the other night, whoo-hooo! JJ had a tournament at Bender and his team got first-ooh yea! Sierra and I continue to refine our dances for the performance this month. Billy is starting his new job at BP tomorrow, lots of changes going on around here. I do have to say, I am sooooooooooooo happy for the sunshine we have had, I love it! And only 2 more weeks of school. I love summer and hanging out with the kids. School is great and all, but I love the no pressure, sunny, no schedule summer. Although I am always ready for the structure when fall comes.

I will try to blog while in Haiti so tune in June 23-27.

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Seeking Truth said...

I hope you get out of IBESR very soon so you are closer to bringing her home. Emiline is beautiful! I enjoy your blog and wish the very best for you all.