Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A long, hot day filled with lots of fun!

Today was filled with so much, including sweat. It was really hot and humid, almost too much for even me. I slept really good and late, even though the rooster was crowing at 4:00, ear plugs are your friend. When I went to go pick her up she ran, as much as she runs, down the hall to me, it was so precious. Life is good when a cute toddler gives you a sweet hug in the morning. She definitely knows who JJ and I are. Today she spent some quality time with JJ reading books and playing with playdough. Playing in the toddler JJ became a big hit with the boys, she has two buddies who seek him out where ever he is. He is so good with the kids.

Emmi has figured out that she is in charge. She walks around and wants us to follow her and do what she wants, I am weak. When it was time to put her down for her nap, I had decided to bring her back to her room so she could get a really good nap and she started to cry, so I ended up rocking her to sleep and laying her down in our room. JJ said I was "weak sauce".
She is really starting to interact with us and say things that I don't know what mean. I do understand "no" she uses it as a game.

This afternoon one of the moms and her friend organized a soccer clinic outside the Creche in the local village. We all went out to hang out and watch. Emmi wanted to be held the whole time, my arms are not used to it. JJ helped out and was so good with the kids. The little girls loved him and were trying to hold his hand, they thought he was cute. It was a great experience.

Emmi really opens up in the afternoon when we are outside, she was laughing and playing with all her friends, I got some great video. She also took off her shoes, which is a favorite thing to do, and hit one of JJ's buddies on the head. She is a normal 2 year old. She loves her babies, she likes to take off their clothes and put them back on. She has grown up so much in 6 months, from baby to toddler. I forgot how much I love the toddler age. I can't wait to get her home.

The doctor came today and looked at Emmi's eye and it does look better. When we went to say goodnight to her I sent JJ in to see if she was asleep, and she spotted JJ. When we came back in to say goodnight she was very upset he left. She loves her big brother. So I rocked her some. She loves to be held. What a privilage.

Billy, Willy and Sierra, I love you and miss you and I wish sooooooo much you could be here. Thanks for the post Sierra and Billy, Willy you are busted!


Kristi said...

Jen- I am following your blog while you are in Haiti! Have so much fun with sweet little Emmi and give Loudince a hug for us!

Billy said...

HoneyBabe,Jaybo, and Emmi,
Sounds like you are a load of funhavers down there. Sounds like you are Mommy Playdough at Emmi fest, drink it up My Love. Good to hear you slept well, your heart must be at peace. That is wonderful she remembers you and Jaybo. Bring some prayer on her sweet little head before bed. Tell her I love her and sing her the nigh- night song, for me. How is Antwoine and John? Have you met them Jaybo? I love you all more than Momma's best spaghettti in the world. Daddy-O XOXOXOX

Midboe Bunch said...

wow, new posts already!
awesome...Im loving reading them : )
especially all the excitement.

Orange Mimi said...

hi again,
oh she is so cute!! her hair is longer and she looks so much older. i can't wait tell i get to see her in person and kiss her cheeks! i got to see gracie today, and aunt angel. let's just say they want to be home. and we want them home too. gunnar was a big talker and smiler today. we took an hour nap together. he is a snorer. anyways i love bolth you so much!! uncle bobo says "we're thinking about you and god bless you."

love sierra and kisses from gunnar!:)

Orange Mimi said...

Hey! Me & Sierra finally mastered this hitech stuff.. so good to hear from you..Thanks for your prayers for Gracie, she needs it. Sierra has been amazing - we went to Seattle today to see them. We also went to see Caleb play softball @BP - Machinist against the other dept. He hit 2 home runs.
Hugs to you all! Mom

The Hornes'es said...

JEN!! Oh she's so beautiful she's growing so much! Why do I cry everytime I read your blog!?! Ah! What an absolute act of obedience you guys are demonstrating!! JJ will be such a great big brother! I can't believe she's walking! Wow, can't wait to meet her, and watch her, and maybe one day teach that little girl to dance like her moma and sister! ;-) (Maybe she'll be teaching me)
I'll miss you guys next week at summer dance classes. Come soon!
We're off to pick up OUR baby - Tubbs - tomorrow!
Let's hang out soon!

My name is Shauna said...

Jen, Emmi and the rest of the Hansen family, I love so much being a part of your lives and I am so thankful that Jen and JJ were able to go down for a visit. Emmi I cannot wait until you are home. Know that I am thinking of you all and said some prayers for all in the Hansen clan today. Loves!

Wallflower said...

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. I hope you soaked up every moment in Haiti. I love seeing these pics with you, JJ and Emmi! Precious!!! We're praying for you to enjoy this time shared with JJ and Emmi. I can't wait for you to come home and show us more photos. Emmi looks so big when JJ is holding her. I LOVE her face!!