Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing, heat, and dancing

Lunch at Mommie duncans was nice. Emmi was really tired and cranky so she stayed back to eat lunch and take a nap, it ended up a good choice. She woke up so happy. Mommie Duncan is out of town, but we got to see the new High School and Vo-tec, it is so big. What a cool thing to be able to offer the village. We also got to see power poles that have been put up so hopefully power soon. They also are hoping to build a medical center next to the Creche, which would be great for the kids as well as the villagers.

Today was really hot again, I have never sweated so much in my life. I went through 3 shirts that all were soaked, not looking forward to the stinky laundry when I get home. JJ has had an upset stomach off and on this week and isn't feeling well at all tonight. He skipped dinner and I gave him a perscription we brought just in case tonight. I am hoping he will be better tomorrow, I can't imagine traveling all day when you are sick. That would be a great prayer request.

JJ played a ton today with Emmi, she loves her older brother. He is so great with her. She was talking up a storm to us in Creole, even though we didn't know what she was saying. It sounded cool. She also would copy us and repeat what we said. She can say Momma, Daddy, JJ, Willy and Sierra, Sierra is a hard one for her, but she tried. We may need to come up with a nick name. JJ is great with all the kids, everyone is so impressed with him.

Tonight the kids surprised us with a performance of dancing. Sierra would have loved it! It was so cool and the kids were so cute. Emmi didn't dance, she was sleeping, all that playing with big brother wore her out. I got it all on video.

In the morning we will get a short time with Emmi and then we will have to say good-bye until we can come back. It will be sad to leave. I really love it here. The atmosphere is so calming and peaceful, even though there are 70 kids 6 and uunder. I will miss her, the Creche and the people.


Billy said...

God bless your tearful goodbyes, Jesus has brought us this far, He will hold us the rest of the way. God Bless the Bobcats in Jaybo's tummy, I pray they sleep hard like Crookshank. Pray for Gracie, Angel and Caleb. Gunnar just likes milk. Pray over Emmi for us Jaybo, for Health, paperwork, love and protection at the Creche. I would tell you to stay if she could come home, but we miss you. Smooch and tell Emmi that "Angels around you, Jesus in your Heart.
XOXOXO Daddy-O loves you all.

Kelsen Family said...

Hope JJ is feeling better!