Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hansen Family Update

I know it has been a long time since I posted. It has been hard and I haven't wanted to talk about it or write. Really we haven't heard any news until about 2 weeks ago since Willy and I went in December. I can't believe how long this is taking. When we started they were predicting 10-14 months. It has now been 21 months. Two years in June when we were matched with our sweetie and sent our Dossier to Haiti. That is what is so crazy about the adoption adventure, you never know what will happen and when. We knew that going in, but it doesn't make it easier. We feel she is so much a part of our family. It is an exhausting, exciting, heart wrenching roller coaster that we deal with daily. Can you believe it? Me emotional? This adoption has affected me and my family in so many ways. We are all new people. Our hearts will never be the same no matter what the outcome. Adoption is so unpredictable and we know it may not end up the way we want, but we are trusting and knowing it will end up the way God wants. It is His dream, His vision planted on our hearts. At a bible study this week I learned that as we wait, God is waiting with us. As we long, He longs with us. How comforting is that? He wants Emmi home as much as we do. So I know there is a reason why she isn't here. I am constantly trying to find the reasons to rationalize it all out in my mind. But really only God knows. So we continue to wait on him and the Haitian government.
Our paperwork has not moved since November and we still have a few steps. (check the timeline on the side) We did get some news that she is healthy and happy. That made us feel so good, since when we were there in December she was sick. She is interacting in school and playing with all her friends. She is 3 and I am so hoping she will be home by her birthday in October. Although I am still hoping for June, a long shot. The summer would be good too.
A group just went down to the Creche last week and I sent her some new pics of the family and from me and Willy's trip. I send down laminated photos and they put them up on the wall above the crib the kids can see their family. The aunties are supposed to be talking about them to the kids. The kids love their photos. Anyway someone brought down pics for us and when they gave them to her, she said "me famni". How precious is that. It made my month!
So for the rest of us here in the United States baseball is in full swing. Both Willy and JJ are playing baseball for the High School, Willy-varsity and JJ-J.V.. So that equals a game almost every night. Good thing I like baseball! But more than that I love my kids and whatever they do. Sierra is doing softball and dance, so that keeps her and me busy. We love homeschool and have very much enjoyed our time together when everyone is at work or school. Billy is busy working at BP. He broke his ankle paintballing with JJ, but is recovering well. We are truely blessed for a job and a house in all that is going on around us. We are all healthy, at least at the moment. It has been a bad winter for colds around here. But hopefully we are done.
Wishing everyone the best and lets hope for some sunshine here in the northwest.