Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back in Washington,It is cold outside and warm in my heart.

We made it home safely. The traveling home is a killer. It is so long. I woke up at 4:45 Haiti time so I could get all packed and have time with Emmi. I really didn't need to be up until 6:00, but I couldn't sleep.
We had a great time the night before with the 3, 20 something, girly girls who came on the trip and are staying on to help out with the school and Creche Christmas parties, as well as helping out in the nursery or anywhere else needed. Lots of laughs with them. As we were hanging out in the room and chatting the last night, I went to the bathroom and came back to a broken bed, it was too funny. Then we did a temporary fix and I went to the bathroom later and guess what?, it broke again. I think they were jumping on it when I was gone, although that would be hard being they were wood with a thin matress and no box spring. Willy ended up on the matress on the floor.
As we were hanging out in front of the Creche getting ready to leave, I was holding Emmi and all of a sudden she was saying "Momma, momma, momma", did I hear her? She called me Momma. Then she proceded to point at the truck and van that was taking us to town and said something in Creole. She knew I was leaving........but the cool part was she called me Momma! Emmi doesn't talk much so any words are good, but what a gift right before I left. I needed that.
Another cool story.....when Willy was helping do some painting he noticed one of the workers had some girl sandals on that were too small. So he asked if he could give him his tennis shoes, of course I said yes! He went back to our room, got the shoes, a shirt, some socks and a nice baseball cap and gave them to the guy. The next day he was spotted wearing the hat, not too sure what happened to the shoes. Sometimes they save them for going to town, sell them, or he may have gave them to his family. Often they only have one or two pair of clothes and save the nice pair for when they go to town. It is important to them to dress nice when in town. I think they feel it represents how rich they are by how nice they dress, so they want to look good. Everytime we go down there, I bring some clothes I don't care about bringing back, then the Aunties can have some new/used clothes. Once again we have so much here.
Looking back on the trip I feel a deep sense of sadness. Emmi was so sad, or sick, but just not herself. The realities of where she lives and the culture she lives in came very clear. Even though she is in a great Creche, she still has many hard things to deal with and see. It is very sad to me, and this trip was an eye opener to the deep hurt these children have inside. We are so blessed to have our children with us and in our homes, that we are able to feed them, give them clothes, a bed and love on them. It is a privilage and I will cherish that forever. As well as I will always be reaching out to the orphans of the world. I will never be able to just sit by and not love them. It is ingrained in me. I would challenge you to seek out what God has for you and your life and who he wants you to reach out to and love.
Pray Emmi's paperwork goes through quick and she will be home soon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A sad day with a happy ending

Today was a hard day. Emmi is either not feeling well, having a hard time with all the changes here, or just mad at me. Everyone seems to think she isn't feeling well. Her stomach is very bloated. She only wanted to be in my arms, while standing or laying on the floor. It really made me feel sad listening to her whine, she didn't even cry. She has had alot of change lately-moving to the big girls room, potty training(by the way she went on the potty for me a couple of times), starting school and I found out today that Jasmine, her favorite Auntie, who does physical therapy, is on vacation. So there is alot going on in this little girls life. I was emotionally drained from the whinning, clinging and just seeing her so not herself. I really just want to bring her home now. We did have a few moments of play time, maybe for a total of 1 hour. It also has been hard for me because she hasn't wanted much to do with Willy. Although all the other little boys love him. By the way JJ, Mackenly is just too cute, he has just loved on me and me on him like crazy.
But as the night came to a close during dinner, Willy went to go and get Emmi after she got ready for bed, so we could say goodnight. She just sat on Willy's lap and cuddled with him and then played with him on the floor. It was so good for my heart to see her happy and interacting with Willy. He was soaking it up. Then she fell asleep in my arms and I put her to bed in a crib she shares with another girl. Our kids are so spoiled to get their owns beds. Actually there is a new rule from the government for the Creche that says every kid has to have a bed, so Willy got to work on beds, paint a playpen for the school kids siblings who are in the nursery at the school, and paint a box for the presents for the kids. I think he enjoyed helping out. We also went for a walk outside the Creche to the school, up to the soccer field and through the local village. There was a cow in the middle of the soccer field. We also went up on the roof. It was a challenge going up 2 ladders, well only for me, but I did it!, and was very happy I did. It was beautiful.
One thing I am really happy I worked on my Creole before I came and wish I knew more. I was able to tell Emmi I missed her, I love her and I will see you in the morning. I am constantly talking to her in English and she has no clue. By the way did I tell you she gave me my first kiss from her on the day we came here. Too precious.
We leave early in the morning tomorrow so we will get a few minutes with Emmi. I hope she is feeling better. For the family at home, I hope Crookshank comes home. JJ, how is wrestling. Thanks Weege for all your help, you are a blessing. Billy I love you and miss you.

the III's turn

sup you all this is strait from the third william in the fam. today was not so good to start out, Emmi was telling me to get my own orphan. and with her throwing her silent tantrumes all the time i desided i would. so i did and by the end of the day i had two little boys following me around. they are the coolest and laugh pretty much every thirty secounds. and that is no lie. but ya then after everyone went to bed, or right before it, i went to see if she was doing alright and she was waiting for me. earlier during the day she had seen me with the other kids and was not so happy. and she was very happy to see me come get her. after that for like 45 mins she played blocks with me and it was pretty sweet. she even gave me a high five and a bump. so ya it is a good ending and we even go a few small smiles out of her. so ya the llast couple days for me have really been nothing important. i slept most of the first full day here, and the day before i was just not really here either so ya. so ya you all should post on mine because i am just that cool. see you all in a couple days. oh and you all better see my on my birthday or i am not going to be very happy. i will pull a Emmi and floop all over the floor and kick off my shoes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay first of all..... Sierra, thanks so much for your post, I loved it!, it was soooooo you.
So, lets see I got scolded today for giving Emmi food. She isn't acting like she is feeling well, felt like she had a fever, and there are others who are sick, so I asked if she could have some mediciine and I got a talking to about feeding her other food than what she is given. I felt bad. On the last too trips I have fed her our food as well as her own and she has been fine.......oh well. Maybe too much fruit loops.......she has really enjoyed them, uh oh. We missed outside time today because Emmi fell asleep in my lap. But we did get to have sugar cane for a snack. It was good. My prayer is she will be feeling better tomorrow, as it is our last full day with her.

Tonight at dinner we heard some really sad news about a village that was completely wiped out from the hurricanes(actually it is the story I posted a while ago) Kids are dying from starvation and the Creche(orphanage) needs permission to even go and get kids to help them. Gina, one of the ladies in charge, said it is very sad and hard to take. I can't believe kids are dying from hunger. It is so hard to comprehend coming from where we live. Pray they can send a team of nurses and social workers on friday to help.

On another sad note, the driving in Haiti is crazy. On our way out to the Creche we saw a man get hit by a car and no one did anything. He had a huge bump on his head. I couldn't believe it! He barely made his way to the side walk. We weren't aloud to help, it would have made things worse.

On to a happier note. The food here is amazing again. I love the beans and rice, and the fried plantains. The weather was nice again today. I can't believe how comfortable the temperature is.
I spent alot of time in the toddler room and they are just too cute. I love that age and the kids just love the attention. Also being a part of school was just too fun. The do school in English and the kids do alot of repeating. Their axcents are so cute. Today they worked on their colors and shapes. I am so happy Emmi gets to be a part of school now and is with the older girls. That is so good for her. She is catching up so quick. Also her legs are looking great and she is walking good too.
Until tomorrow, we miss and love you all.

We made it!

We made it safe to Haiti yesturday, but the internet was down so I didn't get to post. The weather is great, not as hot as June or even last January. It is cool at night. So, very nice. Willy and Emmi are sleeping a lot. I think Willy has taken 5 naps equaling 1/2 of our time. Two of them with Emmi, at least that is his excuse. Last night Willy played soccer with the boys and loved it, they gave him a serious workout. Emmi is not quite as smilie as last time. She is definitely guarded in showing her emotions which is really sad to me. Every once in a while we see a smile, but then she tries to hide it. It is cute. I don't know if she is feeling well today, she is really mellow and laying around. Hopefully she will perk up in the afternoon. She loves to play outside in the afternoon when it is cool. I am hoping to be able to post later and put pics. I haven't taken much pics because the Creche has many displaced children because of the hurricanes. The have an agreement with UNICEF that no pics will be taken of the displaced children. So we are only allowed to take pics of our own kids. There is a ton of babies, alot of them displaced. It is sad. Some good news Emmi is now in school, I went with her today. Teacher John says she doesn't talk though, not surprised. She did do some talking to Willy earlier, how did he get so lucky. She does repeat the names the people in the pics. Gracie, she even said your name. JJ, I think she remembers you. Her face lights up when she sees your pic. Sierra, she is trying so hard to say your name. She is also in the big girl room and wearing underwear. Which could mean potty trained by the time she is home. How cool is that! Well, I need to share the internet, so I will try to post a pic and more later. Lots of love to all, we miss you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We are off! Tomorrow morning, if you call 4:30 morning, I call it evening, we are heading to Seattle to leave for Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We will stay a night there and then head for Haiti with our group on Tues morning. If all goes well, we should be at the orphanage by 9:00 in the morning Bellingham time. I am finally all packed, after re-packing and re-packing to get all the wonderful donations everyone gave. I feel so blessed. We filled 4 - 50lbs suitcases with donations and Willy and I are carrying on all our stuff and some of Emmi's. We bring clothes and toys to play with her and the other kids while there. So thanks to all who gave! You are awesome!

I will try to post every night if I can, it all depends on if there is power, acess to a computer and the internet working.