Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We made it!

We made it safe to Haiti yesturday, but the internet was down so I didn't get to post. The weather is great, not as hot as June or even last January. It is cool at night. So, very nice. Willy and Emmi are sleeping a lot. I think Willy has taken 5 naps equaling 1/2 of our time. Two of them with Emmi, at least that is his excuse. Last night Willy played soccer with the boys and loved it, they gave him a serious workout. Emmi is not quite as smilie as last time. She is definitely guarded in showing her emotions which is really sad to me. Every once in a while we see a smile, but then she tries to hide it. It is cute. I don't know if she is feeling well today, she is really mellow and laying around. Hopefully she will perk up in the afternoon. She loves to play outside in the afternoon when it is cool. I am hoping to be able to post later and put pics. I haven't taken much pics because the Creche has many displaced children because of the hurricanes. The have an agreement with UNICEF that no pics will be taken of the displaced children. So we are only allowed to take pics of our own kids. There is a ton of babies, alot of them displaced. It is sad. Some good news Emmi is now in school, I went with her today. Teacher John says she doesn't talk though, not surprised. She did do some talking to Willy earlier, how did he get so lucky. She does repeat the names the people in the pics. Gracie, she even said your name. JJ, I think she remembers you. Her face lights up when she sees your pic. Sierra, she is trying so hard to say your name. She is also in the big girl room and wearing underwear. Which could mean potty trained by the time she is home. How cool is that! Well, I need to share the internet, so I will try to post a pic and more later. Lots of love to all, we miss you!


Jen said...

how are you? i miss you guy's ssssssssssssooooooo much! everyone at school was saying "where's your momma?" and i would say, "ah she's in Haiti." and then they'd say, "ooh that's cool!" and plus me and daddy were trying to make chocolate chip cookies for the McDonnells as a thankyou last night. so we got out all the stuff and then when we got to the flour part guess what, we had less than a cup of flour and we needed 4 1/2 cups because we were makeing a double batch, so we called Angel to ask her what we should do and she said use oats for the flour that you didn't have so we did and the cookies were not so much cookies. so we still had some leftovers so we made it kind of like brownies. but it was still really rich so we brought it to the kitchen at mp3 and put a sign that said, "have a bite! yummm..." but the thing is is that we didn't bring them home! but thats okay because we didn't really like them.

love, sierra

Jen said...

Hey Babe, Woolly, and Emmi,
We have been waiting FOREVER! for the blog. Did she recognize you? Is Emmi taller? Did you give any smooches for me? Did the landscape look like a flood hit them? Tell teacher John I am a terrible emailer and ask for his forgiveness. How's the bubbles working out? Has Willy climbed the coconut tree yet? Did the turkeys make it past Thanksgiving? How Antwann? How many orphans can Willy carry? I am so glad you and Willy are loving on Emmi, tell her that everyone wants her to come home for Zerberts, smooches, and I will get her own KITTY. XOXOXOX Pray for Crookshank he is GONE!I might have take work off to find him. Soak up the sun Brown Sugar, it is Freo back here. Love you Babes and Willy. God shower you with memories that last Forever.

Jen said...

Hi!! It is so great to see pictures of Emmi with Willy. I love that she was sharing M&M's with Willy. That is awesome. She must already know that Willy has a Choco addiction and that it is a serious problem. :) I am here staying the night so that Jaybo doesn't have to walk to the bus in the morning. Don't worry Jen, your baby is being taken care of by the Weege. Sierra is hopping around the kitchen and front room listening to "Walk like an Egyptian" Willy "Yikes" to the neon. eglll... I am sorry bud. :( Willy give Emmi lots of smooches on her chubby cheeks for me. Jen You give her lots of smootches on her other cheek. I love you guys and am so excited that you get to be there even though you don't get to bring her home yet.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love the pictures!!!! She has grown so much since your last visit. Praying for you all without ceasing! Love you and enjoy every minute. Hugs from Washington State! Laurae