Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

the III's turn

sup you all this is strait from the third william in the fam. today was not so good to start out, Emmi was telling me to get my own orphan. and with her throwing her silent tantrumes all the time i desided i would. so i did and by the end of the day i had two little boys following me around. they are the coolest and laugh pretty much every thirty secounds. and that is no lie. but ya then after everyone went to bed, or right before it, i went to see if she was doing alright and she was waiting for me. earlier during the day she had seen me with the other kids and was not so happy. and she was very happy to see me come get her. after that for like 45 mins she played blocks with me and it was pretty sweet. she even gave me a high five and a bump. so ya it is a good ending and we even go a few small smiles out of her. so ya the llast couple days for me have really been nothing important. i slept most of the first full day here, and the day before i was just not really here either so ya. so ya you all should post on mine because i am just that cool. see you all in a couple days. oh and you all better see my on my birthday or i am not going to be very happy. i will pull a Emmi and floop all over the floor and kick off my shoes.


geralyn said...

Inquiring minds want to know.....who were the boys following you and laughing?? Were they my boys, Richnightder and little Jerome?? Jerome is the most loving and lap hogging little dude around. Glad you had fun with the boys and helping out.

Midboe Bunch said...

So ya (blah blah blah) .... so ya..

Haha. Just making fun of you : )
I'm sad that you say these past days haven't been that important to you. Maybe I'm reading that wrong, though.
Enjoy your time left!