Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A sad day with a happy ending

Today was a hard day. Emmi is either not feeling well, having a hard time with all the changes here, or just mad at me. Everyone seems to think she isn't feeling well. Her stomach is very bloated. She only wanted to be in my arms, while standing or laying on the floor. It really made me feel sad listening to her whine, she didn't even cry. She has had alot of change lately-moving to the big girls room, potty training(by the way she went on the potty for me a couple of times), starting school and I found out today that Jasmine, her favorite Auntie, who does physical therapy, is on vacation. So there is alot going on in this little girls life. I was emotionally drained from the whinning, clinging and just seeing her so not herself. I really just want to bring her home now. We did have a few moments of play time, maybe for a total of 1 hour. It also has been hard for me because she hasn't wanted much to do with Willy. Although all the other little boys love him. By the way JJ, Mackenly is just too cute, he has just loved on me and me on him like crazy.
But as the night came to a close during dinner, Willy went to go and get Emmi after she got ready for bed, so we could say goodnight. She just sat on Willy's lap and cuddled with him and then played with him on the floor. It was so good for my heart to see her happy and interacting with Willy. He was soaking it up. Then she fell asleep in my arms and I put her to bed in a crib she shares with another girl. Our kids are so spoiled to get their owns beds. Actually there is a new rule from the government for the Creche that says every kid has to have a bed, so Willy got to work on beds, paint a playpen for the school kids siblings who are in the nursery at the school, and paint a box for the presents for the kids. I think he enjoyed helping out. We also went for a walk outside the Creche to the school, up to the soccer field and through the local village. There was a cow in the middle of the soccer field. We also went up on the roof. It was a challenge going up 2 ladders, well only for me, but I did it!, and was very happy I did. It was beautiful.
One thing I am really happy I worked on my Creole before I came and wish I knew more. I was able to tell Emmi I missed her, I love her and I will see you in the morning. I am constantly talking to her in English and she has no clue. By the way did I tell you she gave me my first kiss from her on the day we came here. Too precious.
We leave early in the morning tomorrow so we will get a few minutes with Emmi. I hope she is feeling better. For the family at home, I hope Crookshank comes home. JJ, how is wrestling. Thanks Weege for all your help, you are a blessing. Billy I love you and miss you.


JJ said...

hope you are having a great time enjoing emmi, i wish i could be there to envy is all around me. ihope you are enjoying the cold showers and the food willy. i was 5 pounds overweight today but worked hard and made weight, sounds like fruit loops are to fruity for emmi. girls made to many cookies and it is way to tempting for me, almost torture. well my tip for today is not to get bit by bugs and to not give orphans toys because then they fight. love J.J.

Cristinejoy said...

I can't believe the week went by so quickly! We've been praying and will keep on for the entire family! Safe travels & see you soon.