Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home 1 month!

Emmi has been home one month, yet it seems like she has been here alot longer. So much has happened in her world in the last month. Could you imagine? Going from a confined area where you eat the same thing almost everyday, share a crib, and are so limited to the huge world outside. There is so much, her world just became so BIG! I have to constantly remind myself she has only been here a month when I am frustrated. Every day she is experiencing something new from playing in water, eating pizza, riding a jet ski, watching a baseball game, riding in a stroller, learning pets are nice....the list goes on. So many of the things that are normal to us, are new to her and she doesn't have a clue. She is starting to use some English instead of Creole. That is probably the biggest challange right now is the communication factor. I have learned alot of Creole, but am always wishing I knew more or just had a brain to remember everything I have learned.
Emmi loves her brothers and sister. They are so good with her and such a help. It is so cool to see them love on her and her love them back. She has bonded so well with us, which is the main goal right now, I am constantly reminding myself when laying in bed with her and she is having a tantrum because she didn't get her way. Parenting has taken on a new meaning to us. She has so many little issues with food and leaving that we have to remember it is so different for her than it was for our kids, at least for now. I can't believe how much joy and laughter she brings us. What a joy to have her around. We are truely blessed. As hard as it gets some days, I have such a peace having her home with us. I am so glad it is summer, the kids are around more and we don't have the pressure of school. Emmi loves a schedule and to be at home. There is a comfort to her at home.
I so appreciate all your support through our adventure. We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that have showered us with love, listening ears and gifts. Emmi has learned to love presents, especially her new clothes. Thanks to all of you!