Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Emmi!

Yesterday was Emmi's 3rd Birthday. It was a sad and happy day. We are so thankful she made it to celebrate her 3rd birthday, but are sad we didn't get to celebrate with her. Let's hope for next year. The last few trips have been canceled because of the hurricanes so we haven't been able to send her a little gift. I hoping for next month.I made a picture book of our family and pics with her to send along with some stickers(pronounced stickars by the kids at the Creche), and a pair of sun glasses. Pretty much everything you send is hers for a few minutes but then becomes community property. I wonder if she will be good at sharing or worse because of that?

We love you Emmi and can't wait for you to come home!


Haiti under water

Due to all the hurricanes Haiti is underwater. Here is an update as of September 12th.

Here is some of what Gina(one of the people who run Chances for Children, the organization who owns the Creche) wrote: “The white river since Tuesday night has flood the village. Access is impossible via vehicle only can get through with donkey. Lucien has been able to get some food and supplies to the crèche via donkey. The children are safe but stuck inside the compound. The village people are without food and drinking water.”

This is the latest update, September 18th.

Hi everyone! According to Gina, the river is still pretty flooded as it is raining quite a bit at night, so there hasn’t been much receding. The road to Lamardelle is still pretty inaccessible and travel has taken place by donkey when needed. They are hoping to get an electrician to the creche the survey the damage, but the roads have to improve before then. We will let you know if there’s anything that can be done, but for now, prayers and thoughts is all that we can do.

How crazy is this! We have no clue. When was the last time you saw someone travel by donkey?
Just to give you alittle perspective, the Creche is about a 40 minute drive from Port-au-Prince, the closest main city.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Life at the Hansens

This summer has gone by way too fast and has been pretty crazy around here. Billy started his new job at BP and pretty much was going to school for 10 weeks. He spent his time at work, studying or sleeping out of pure mental and physical exhaustion. So we didn't get to see much of him and he was missed, especially by his boys. They can relate as teenagers way better to their daddy than their momma, as hard as that is for me to accept. Both the boys were looking for jobs and just enjoying the non-schedule of school. They both played summer baseball and were on good teams this year, it was really fun. I wish the weather would have been better, wait did we even have summer yet?! I thought baseball was supposed to be played in the sun, with shorts on, not long underwear.

Sierra pretty much just hung out with me, went to ball games, and swam in Grandma's pool set up at our house. She did get the opportunity to go away for two night to dance camp and loved it, she is quite the dancer. The girl can move.

We did have 2 cars out of 3 drivers break down in one week, crazy. So we are still on the lookout for a new car for me. I have come to the conclusion that I just need a van, Billy hates vans. I just really need 7 seats, I love to be able to bring people with us. When our van broke down we had every seat filled, it is just my way. So we continue to find the perfect vehicle for the best price, know any good deals?

So now school has started and I have 2, yes 2, teenagers in High School. How crazy is that?! Maybe I just think I am still 27, no wait I am. So this year it is just Sierra and I at home doing the school thing. We do start MP3 in a few weeks and I am teaching 2 classes. Willy is doing Running Start at the Community College and Meridian High School and JJ is full time at the High School.

So it is fall and we are off and running, how about you?

Bad news and Good news.

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, we have been battling Internet and e-mail issues, but all is well now.

Okay for the bad news: Haiti was hit bad by hurricane Hanna and is pretty much under water. The Creche where Emmi lives is in northern Haiti and they are safe. They were able to get some supplies to prepare. It saddens my heart to see a country so in need and then to be devastated by this. I can't imagine how they will pull out of this. And on a selfish note, I'm pretty sure it will be hard for paperwork to be moving right now. Sometimes I feel so useless, and then I remember I am called to pray. God knows and He cares.

Here is a link to some video of Haiti

So now for the good news! It was really hard not having e-mail or internet because that is my lifeline to Emmi. That is how they pretty much communicate to us, so it was killing me especially with the hurricanes. Then I got this amazing e-mail. One of the moms who visited the Creche last month got some great video of her son and Emmi giggling. It made my month! Enjoy!

Here at home we are back to school, lots of new schedules and changes. I will update on everything soon.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support.