Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home 1 month!

Emmi has been home one month, yet it seems like she has been here alot longer. So much has happened in her world in the last month. Could you imagine? Going from a confined area where you eat the same thing almost everyday, share a crib, and are so limited to the huge world outside. There is so much, her world just became so BIG! I have to constantly remind myself she has only been here a month when I am frustrated. Every day she is experiencing something new from playing in water, eating pizza, riding a jet ski, watching a baseball game, riding in a stroller, learning pets are nice....the list goes on. So many of the things that are normal to us, are new to her and she doesn't have a clue. She is starting to use some English instead of Creole. That is probably the biggest challange right now is the communication factor. I have learned alot of Creole, but am always wishing I knew more or just had a brain to remember everything I have learned.
Emmi loves her brothers and sister. They are so good with her and such a help. It is so cool to see them love on her and her love them back. She has bonded so well with us, which is the main goal right now, I am constantly reminding myself when laying in bed with her and she is having a tantrum because she didn't get her way. Parenting has taken on a new meaning to us. She has so many little issues with food and leaving that we have to remember it is so different for her than it was for our kids, at least for now. I can't believe how much joy and laughter she brings us. What a joy to have her around. We are truely blessed. As hard as it gets some days, I have such a peace having her home with us. I am so glad it is summer, the kids are around more and we don't have the pressure of school. Emmi loves a schedule and to be at home. There is a comfort to her at home.
I so appreciate all your support through our adventure. We are so blessed to have so many friends and family that have showered us with love, listening ears and gifts. Emmi has learned to love presents, especially her new clothes. Thanks to all of you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We made it home! God is Good!

After two long days of travel we made it to cold Washington. We were told on Friday that we would leave around 10:00. So we were ready, dressed in our fancy clothes ready to meet Emmi's mom and fly to Miami, and they didn't come until 12:30. We had our bags packed and Emmi knew she was leaving and was ready. So it was a long 3 hours, not knowing if they would show up or when, once again trusting. Emmi went to school for a little bit and I went outside to cool off and she got really upset, she thought we were leaving without her. When we got to the office in Port-au-Prince we met Emmi's mom. She is so beautiful. It was ....I don't even know what to call it. I am so glad we got to meet her. After waiting at the airport, flying, immigration and shuttle to the hotel, it was a long day. Emmi did great. Momma's arms and back were sore, but we made it! We got up Saturday and flew into Seattle where my brother, sister-in-law and mom met us with a ride. Deiby, my sister-in-law, is from Costa Rica and made some beans and rice for Emmi, she loved it. There are so many emotions, one minute she is very happy the next sad.
We are having a few days at home getting adjusted to a schedule and her new home. She doesn't like the animals at all, actually is very scared of them. She had a great time with the boys last night. JJ is such a fun name to say, all the kids love his name. She went to bed great slept in her own bed all night. She did wake up with a fever again. But praise God, she didn't have one the whole time we traveled, thanks for your prayers. I have a bad cold with a sore throat that I got at the Creche and have pretty much lost my voice. So I would love your prayers to feel better and protect the rest of the family.
I will post more when I can and tell stories, we have so many. She is so fun to have around and we laugh so much. On the plane we laughed so hard Sierra and I were crying.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heading home

Tomorrow we will be leaving the Creche(orphanage) and heading to Miami for the night, and then home on saturday. We will be meeting Emmi's mom, so pray for the words. What do you say to a mom that is giving up her child and you are taking her? When you know she loves her and just can't provide for her.......Jesus shine your light through Billy, Sierra and I. Reassure Emmi's mom that we will love and care for her.
Last night and today I haven't been feeling well, achey body and sore throat. Emmi had a fever tonight, so pray for health. We have a long couple of days, we will need grace. Thanks for all your prayers. There have been bumps along the way but they have all worked out. I know it is all in God's hands. I am anxious to be home with my whole family.
Please have patience with us with introducing Emmi to our friends and family. We don't want to overwelm her too much. We will take one day at a time. I know you all have been praying for her so long and have a connection with her, we just need to be careful she doesn't shut down on us. Until later, jen

Sierra's Back

so today was fun because it was clean all the rooms day so that meant all the kids were in one room(crazy) so that means that there was no school. but i can tell you that there are some babys that are the cutest thing you've ever saw. i saw some really sad faces today and it is to precious. you can't not want to love on them. but you'll have to see the pictures when we get home. plus i saw a little girl wearing the dress we had brought for emmi last june.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A day at the Creche

Today we spent the day hanging out at the Creche getting to know Emmi and her getting to know us. She went to school and did so good. Her verbal and dexterity has improved so much in the last 6 months. While Emmi was in school. I had some quiet time, listening to worship music and just taking time to praise God and pray for grace and mercy. He has opened my eyes to see through Emmi's eyes. Little things can set her off and I am starting to understand it. Today she was having some Teddy Grahams. She dropped one on the cement and then picked it up and gave it to me. I threw it away. She was so upset. She couldn't believe I would throw away precious food she shared with me. Then I got her a new snack and she was happy again. But a simple act of throwing away food that dropped on the ground was a BIG deal. Then she proceeded to throw her snack like I did. So much learning for all.
Billy and Sierra got to go up the road to the river where they have the market, like a farmers market. Billy calls it the Haitian Walmart. Billy has done a great job connecting with the men who work at the Creche. He is amazing, picking weeds, filling the generator with diesel, and just talking with them. He walked around with the maintenance guy and he told him about all the plants. They are growing so much here.....lemons, oranges, avocado, lemongrass, teas, mango, papaya and much more. It is so cool. I have watched it change over the last year and a half.
me and Emmi are matching today, with our bright lime green shirts. we will get pictures of it on here later. but thanks to all you guys who are supporting:)

My Turn

okay, now it's my turn to write. yesterday we an appt. and it ended up being a six hour trip. then, later there was another thunderstorm. which i love. but one thing for sure is that i am sweaty all the time. but it is all worth it for bringing my little sis home.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The BIG appointment!

Today was our visa appointment. We got up really early after a good nights sleep and headed to Port-au-Prince. Just to let you know, not very many people speak English here, so most of the time you are at the mercy of whoever. We just make sure we are where we are supposed to be at what time. We got to the office and he couldn't find our paperwork, so we got to the US Embassy late, but it all worked out okay. We were out of there in alittle over an hour. We just need to ger her medical report to them, so they can print the visa. Once again trusting God and others. It is out of my hands. Okay so talk about uncomfortable. Here I am in a crowded room, the only white person, well beside Billy and Sierra with this black child. All their children were in fancy clothes(good thing we dressed up) and very well behaved. Emmi was struggling. We had lots of snacks and anything else to distract her. I felt like I was being watched and judged every moment. We survived. We got back after 6 hours of travel. It was great to see more of Haiti. It helps us to have a vision to share with Emmi and know more of her heritage.
We spent the rest of the day playing, hugging, kissing and just learning about each other. Sierra and Emmi had some great playtime together. I can tell she is wondering about us, but really is open to us, especially me. She likes me in sight most of the time. I am learning Kreyol fast so I can communicate some boundaries and love. Lots of learning for all of us. All the kids love Sierra, the toddlers swarm her when she walks in the room. Last night all three of us were feeding the babies dinner, it was great! I did scare one.
It is the rainy season so we have had thunderstorms the last two afternoons and evening. It poured down rain! So all the kids had to stay inside. Sierra is wanting some outside time with the kids, she has heard about it so much.
We are missing our boys and are anxious to come home and get adjusted at there. Please pray the lab/medical report is done tomorrow so we can get her visa and be home by saturday. Emmi is ready to come home and I'm not leaving without her.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We made it!

After a few gliches at the airport, we made it with all our bags safe and sound. When we arrived at the Creche Emmi was so excited to see me she had the biggest smile ever! and ran into my arms. WOW! It was so cool. She knew Billy and Sierra right away and is not holding back anything. She is lovin' being the one with the parents here and all the special stuff. She is repeating a ton of words and knows some english, not much. But I feel like she understands some. She even went potty for me after going in her pants. She likes the pull-ups. We've only been here for a few hours. Right now she, Sierra and Billy are taking a nap. It is super hot, more humid. It is overcast.
Willy and JJ, she remembers you. Love to all

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are off to Haiti to bring Emmi home!

I can't hardly believe it! She is actually coming home! Our precious little girl. God has been so good. The wait has been so long, 2 years almost to the date. But God has been preparing our family and our hearts for His plan as His will to be lived out. As I sit in my living room this morning just taking time to be quiet, rest and listen to God, I just felt this peace amongst all the craziness that is going on trying to get ready to leave. There is so much peace in His presence.

I sat here picturing Emmi walking around our living room, playing, swimming in the pool, swinging, reading books on the couch, cuddling while watching movies.....a lot of things she has never done. How this will rock her world. What a huge change we will all be going through. I haven't even been able to go there before, thinking of her actually here. I think I needed it to be more real. But God is faithful.

We(Billy, Sierra and I) leave on Sunday and will be home if all goes well on Saturday evening. Usually when families travel to get their children everything is all done and they are free to go, but the head lady, who does an amazing job by the way, is out of town with some family business. So we have to go and do her visa appointment. So a few things have to happen before we can bring her home. We would love all your prayers for a smooth week so we can actually come home on Saturday. On Tuesday we will go to her visa appointment, hopefully by then her medical is approved and ready, she had her appointment on Tuesday. Then we wait for them to issue the visa. It usually takes 2-4 days, unless something weird like the printer isn't working or a Haiti holiday, which is all the time. We will be staying there until we can bring her home. If all goes well we will be home by Saturday night!

Since I have been to Haiti 3 times before I'm not really nervous about meeting Emmi, but I am nervous about the visa appointment(on Tues) and meeting her mom. We do that on our way to the airport. How__________, I don't even know the words to say. So please pray for the words to show her Jesus' love and comfort her. I can't imagine watching my daughter leave for another country to live with another family.

I will try to post as much as I can, dependent on internet availability. Thanks again for all your support and love.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun Emmi video

Check out a video a friend who just came back from Haiti took for us.


We are getting close!

So for a quick update Emmi's paperwork has been approved by the USCIS and we are awaiting her visa appointment. We are so excited here and it is seeming finally real. I remember a few months ago when it seemed like it would never happen and here we are in June, by the way the month I claimed and she will be home. We may be traveling as soon as next week, so be praying for us. Specific requests-cheap tickets, safe travels, and soon visa appointment.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Donation list for the Creche(orphanage)

Since we are getting close to getting Emiline, I am starting to gather supplies to fill our bags for the Creche. You all have been so generous in the past and the kids lives have been changed because of you. Thank you so much. Some of these things you may just have around the house. If you feel lead to donate, here is a list of needs right now. They need alot of office supplies because a lot of kids have been going home this year (around 30 or so I think, 6 this week) so that means a lot of paperwork. It would be such a shame if a child was held up because they didn't have ink to print out the needed documents. We are so blessed here in the US, that woull never be a problem. I am happy to come and get donations or you can drop them off on our front porch. Thanks again in advance.

Disposable Diapers (all sizes)
Lotions(for baby and adult)
Animals cookies
Commercials bucket cleaner(house keeping)
Enfamil Prosobee
Isomil podwered milk
Alacta plus milk
Nutiben cereal (rice or oatmeal infant cereal)
Girls underwear(all sizes)
Office supply
HP Office, paper (8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14)
Folder (8.5 x 11 et 8.5 x 14)
Glue Stick
Commercial attachment 2 HP Inject Print Cartridge # 21 and # 22 / 27 and 28
Yellow envelope ( Clasp Envelopes / 9x12 and 9 x 14)
Small white envelope
Pad (small and big)
Battery for camera (AA)
Pen ( read, black and blue)
Post it
Pencil corrector
Sheets protectors and folder
Liquid corrector
Prong Paper Fasteners
Mouse pad
CL-41 Color Canon / CL-52 Photo
Toner Canon GPR-18 and GPR-10
Ivory soap
Vitamin C (chewable)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Update!

We are so excited at the Hansen house to receive news that Emmi's paperwork is out of MOI. So right now she(her paperwork) is in immigration getting a passport. Only a few steps left, she could be home soon. I am still hoping for June sometime. I felt like a few months ago God told me I should ask....so I did. I set a realistic goal and asked for June, that will be 2 years from when we were matched with Emmi and our paperwork was sent to Haiti. We also got a great report on how she is doing. She is starting to talk, knows her alphabet and numbers. She shows sympathy for the other kids and loves to play with her friends. These are all great improvements for her. They also said she is very shy with new people and will need a slow transition and lots of reassurance, so don't be affended if we have to hang low for a while, which will be a challange for me. They also said the Aunties are showing her pics of her family and telling her she will be going home soon, how crazy is that!? It doesn't seem real and is really isn't right now. But it does seem so closer. We are painting rooms, cleaning out and doing all the things on the list I have been putting off thinking I had a ton of time. Sierra finished the quilt and it looks amazing! Thank you to all who gave and are supporting us in this crazy adventure.

Our prayer request at this time is to finish the process with no gliches and get this girly home!, specifically her passport and passing the medical with USCIS.

On the homefront we are baseball, baseball, and more baseball(well softball). All three kids are on the field and playing 2nd or shortstop, so we spend alot of time at the baseball diamond. When the weather is good, I love it, actually I just love supporting and watching my kids. They are growing up to be such amazing, beautiful people. Sierra and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Disneyland with the Hansen girls. The weather was 80's, perfect. It was so magical!

Hope all is well with your family as we move into the summer season. I am looking forward to enjoying the beautiful outdoors we have here up in Whatcom County. God Bless.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hansen Family Update

I know it has been a long time since I posted. It has been hard and I haven't wanted to talk about it or write. Really we haven't heard any news until about 2 weeks ago since Willy and I went in December. I can't believe how long this is taking. When we started they were predicting 10-14 months. It has now been 21 months. Two years in June when we were matched with our sweetie and sent our Dossier to Haiti. That is what is so crazy about the adoption adventure, you never know what will happen and when. We knew that going in, but it doesn't make it easier. We feel she is so much a part of our family. It is an exhausting, exciting, heart wrenching roller coaster that we deal with daily. Can you believe it? Me emotional? This adoption has affected me and my family in so many ways. We are all new people. Our hearts will never be the same no matter what the outcome. Adoption is so unpredictable and we know it may not end up the way we want, but we are trusting and knowing it will end up the way God wants. It is His dream, His vision planted on our hearts. At a bible study this week I learned that as we wait, God is waiting with us. As we long, He longs with us. How comforting is that? He wants Emmi home as much as we do. So I know there is a reason why she isn't here. I am constantly trying to find the reasons to rationalize it all out in my mind. But really only God knows. So we continue to wait on him and the Haitian government.
Our paperwork has not moved since November and we still have a few steps. (check the timeline on the side) We did get some news that she is healthy and happy. That made us feel so good, since when we were there in December she was sick. She is interacting in school and playing with all her friends. She is 3 and I am so hoping she will be home by her birthday in October. Although I am still hoping for June, a long shot. The summer would be good too.
A group just went down to the Creche last week and I sent her some new pics of the family and from me and Willy's trip. I send down laminated photos and they put them up on the wall above the crib the kids can see their family. The aunties are supposed to be talking about them to the kids. The kids love their photos. Anyway someone brought down pics for us and when they gave them to her, she said "me famni". How precious is that. It made my month!
So for the rest of us here in the United States baseball is in full swing. Both Willy and JJ are playing baseball for the High School, Willy-varsity and JJ-J.V.. So that equals a game almost every night. Good thing I like baseball! But more than that I love my kids and whatever they do. Sierra is doing softball and dance, so that keeps her and me busy. We love homeschool and have very much enjoyed our time together when everyone is at work or school. Billy is busy working at BP. He broke his ankle paintballing with JJ, but is recovering well. We are truely blessed for a job and a house in all that is going on around us. We are all healthy, at least at the moment. It has been a bad winter for colds around here. But hopefully we are done.
Wishing everyone the best and lets hope for some sunshine here in the northwest.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

WSU and Haiti

Here is some great info on a group from Washington State Univercity that is in Haiti right now staying a the Creche. They will be working with Chances for Children, which is the organization that runs the Creche to help out the community in many ways. Check out the video!