Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heading home

Tomorrow we will be leaving the Creche(orphanage) and heading to Miami for the night, and then home on saturday. We will be meeting Emmi's mom, so pray for the words. What do you say to a mom that is giving up her child and you are taking her? When you know she loves her and just can't provide for her.......Jesus shine your light through Billy, Sierra and I. Reassure Emmi's mom that we will love and care for her.
Last night and today I haven't been feeling well, achey body and sore throat. Emmi had a fever tonight, so pray for health. We have a long couple of days, we will need grace. Thanks for all your prayers. There have been bumps along the way but they have all worked out. I know it is all in God's hands. I am anxious to be home with my whole family.
Please have patience with us with introducing Emmi to our friends and family. We don't want to overwelm her too much. We will take one day at a time. I know you all have been praying for her so long and have a connection with her, we just need to be careful she doesn't shut down on us. Until later, jen


Hattie Olivia : ) said...

MANY prayers heading your way. Look at all those smiles!! : )

AprilC said...

Can't wait until we make it to the West side to see you! Darline is so excited that Emmi is flying tomorrow!!!!

JBL said...

I hope POGO and your family have a good trip home! I am glad that things have gone well and that you will be home to adjust to your new family soon. My prayers are with you.

The Horne's said...

Yes, I'm glad you're setting boundaries Jen, that's good! We'll wait for the invite to come meet Emmi, even if it's a year from now ;-)
I have tears in my eyes, imagining your whole family together, and just as your plane lands down in Seattle with your little girl in arms - I just can't imagine!! What an incredible blessing, and step of faith. Sierra looks so happy and Emmi looks so happy with her!
Praying for you guys, and this transition!

Gavin's Family said...


We are so very happy for you guys. Can't wait to hear the stories you will bring home along with Emmi. We have been hoping and praying that all of the paperwork and legal issues would be worked out on your trip and it sounds like they have! We continue to pray for traveling mercies for all of you. Can't wait to see pictures of your family all togather for the first time.