Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A day at the Creche

Today we spent the day hanging out at the Creche getting to know Emmi and her getting to know us. She went to school and did so good. Her verbal and dexterity has improved so much in the last 6 months. While Emmi was in school. I had some quiet time, listening to worship music and just taking time to praise God and pray for grace and mercy. He has opened my eyes to see through Emmi's eyes. Little things can set her off and I am starting to understand it. Today she was having some Teddy Grahams. She dropped one on the cement and then picked it up and gave it to me. I threw it away. She was so upset. She couldn't believe I would throw away precious food she shared with me. Then I got her a new snack and she was happy again. But a simple act of throwing away food that dropped on the ground was a BIG deal. Then she proceeded to throw her snack like I did. So much learning for all.
Billy and Sierra got to go up the road to the river where they have the market, like a farmers market. Billy calls it the Haitian Walmart. Billy has done a great job connecting with the men who work at the Creche. He is amazing, picking weeds, filling the generator with diesel, and just talking with them. He walked around with the maintenance guy and he told him about all the plants. They are growing so much here.....lemons, oranges, avocado, lemongrass, teas, mango, papaya and much more. It is so cool. I have watched it change over the last year and a half.


william III said...

well this is the first born reporting for duty. havent had a chance to post yet so i will catch you up. staying at grandmas has been great besides driving yogi out and in with us everyday, but we get by. grandpa was trying his hardest to try and make it work so me and jj could go to the dunes but i had to say no because my little sis is coming home. the last days of school were supper lame because i did a whole lot of nothing and only having to get up at 6 and drive in because of jj's stinken english teacher, but whatever. with baseball on sunday we were missing all the football people besides ricky and chase and jj. we had 10 kids for the first and 9 for the second, so i got the privilege to catch the first game and pitch the second. i hit really well to. in the second game i got hit in the shoulder with a linedrive while pitching but mananged to stay in for the rest of the game. jj played very well too. it has been fun haging with the little bro all week and getting bro-hacks was and is pretty much the coolest. bobo wanted a uncle-hack, but angle put the cabash on that. gunner almost gave himself one he wanted it so bad. last night jj went to our game in oak harbor while i took weege and hattie to a movie, lots of fun hearing weege laugh in the theater. we stayed the night at our house with weege which was nice. well that is pretty much my week so far. exsighted to have all you guys home, kinda quite. peace.
the third

Hattie Olivia said...

I just got to read all of the new posts for the first time. And the video! It's SSOOO adorable : ) Can't wait till you ALL are home safe.
Sending me love,
Hattie Olivia

PS...those smiles are amazing : )

Willy & Hattie said...

We see that you just updated photos as we were leaving comments. Are you guys on facebook?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hansens! Larsen's here. We are watching you amazing adventure from Portland. Hallie loves looking at the pictures on the computer and knows all the kids by sight. She has Emmi's face down and talks to her when I am reading your blog entries. How fun. She also loves JJ and talks to him too when she she's old pics of him from his visit to Haiti.

We can't wait for you to begin your journey home and are so glad things are going well for you there thus far. What a gift!

Sierra - you look so grown up!

Hugs and wishes for a speedy journey from all of us and Hallie says "I Love you" from Portland.

The Larsens

JJ HANSEN said...

Hows my favorite family doing sierra looks like you doing a super job and having lots of fun dont let the kids sit on your lap for to long pee yoo! Momma just breath in the moments while you can and try not to go to fast daddy just try to keep up with the girls and All of you just Have fun fun. Give hugs to emmi for me sierra show the kids some funny faces then let them laugh at you and say stuff you dont understand. I love you all have a good one! oh yea football is super fun and i am getting noticed Gunner is well Gunner. Yogi? see you later love you bye

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to go get you at the airport on Sat!
Love the pics and posts. It is SO AMAZING to see Emmi smiling in everyone of them! God is SO GOOD! He works wonders on His children!
Mom asked me to call her and tell her everything you have posted so far, so I am gonna call her right now!
Love you guys,
Benson, Dei, Bella and Bailey.