Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Update!

We are so excited at the Hansen house to receive news that Emmi's paperwork is out of MOI. So right now she(her paperwork) is in immigration getting a passport. Only a few steps left, she could be home soon. I am still hoping for June sometime. I felt like a few months ago God told me I should ask....so I did. I set a realistic goal and asked for June, that will be 2 years from when we were matched with Emmi and our paperwork was sent to Haiti. We also got a great report on how she is doing. She is starting to talk, knows her alphabet and numbers. She shows sympathy for the other kids and loves to play with her friends. These are all great improvements for her. They also said she is very shy with new people and will need a slow transition and lots of reassurance, so don't be affended if we have to hang low for a while, which will be a challange for me. They also said the Aunties are showing her pics of her family and telling her she will be going home soon, how crazy is that!? It doesn't seem real and is really isn't right now. But it does seem so closer. We are painting rooms, cleaning out and doing all the things on the list I have been putting off thinking I had a ton of time. Sierra finished the quilt and it looks amazing! Thank you to all who gave and are supporting us in this crazy adventure.

Our prayer request at this time is to finish the process with no gliches and get this girly home!, specifically her passport and passing the medical with USCIS.

On the homefront we are baseball, baseball, and more baseball(well softball). All three kids are on the field and playing 2nd or shortstop, so we spend alot of time at the baseball diamond. When the weather is good, I love it, actually I just love supporting and watching my kids. They are growing up to be such amazing, beautiful people. Sierra and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Disneyland with the Hansen girls. The weather was 80's, perfect. It was so magical!

Hope all is well with your family as we move into the summer season. I am looking forward to enjoying the beautiful outdoors we have here up in Whatcom County. God Bless.

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The Bergstedt's said...

I'm praying for June for you too!!!!