Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay first of all..... Sierra, thanks so much for your post, I loved it!, it was soooooo you.
So, lets see I got scolded today for giving Emmi food. She isn't acting like she is feeling well, felt like she had a fever, and there are others who are sick, so I asked if she could have some mediciine and I got a talking to about feeding her other food than what she is given. I felt bad. On the last too trips I have fed her our food as well as her own and she has been fine.......oh well. Maybe too much fruit loops.......she has really enjoyed them, uh oh. We missed outside time today because Emmi fell asleep in my lap. But we did get to have sugar cane for a snack. It was good. My prayer is she will be feeling better tomorrow, as it is our last full day with her.

Tonight at dinner we heard some really sad news about a village that was completely wiped out from the hurricanes(actually it is the story I posted a while ago) Kids are dying from starvation and the Creche(orphanage) needs permission to even go and get kids to help them. Gina, one of the ladies in charge, said it is very sad and hard to take. I can't believe kids are dying from hunger. It is so hard to comprehend coming from where we live. Pray they can send a team of nurses and social workers on friday to help.

On another sad note, the driving in Haiti is crazy. On our way out to the Creche we saw a man get hit by a car and no one did anything. He had a huge bump on his head. I couldn't believe it! He barely made his way to the side walk. We weren't aloud to help, it would have made things worse.

On to a happier note. The food here is amazing again. I love the beans and rice, and the fried plantains. The weather was nice again today. I can't believe how comfortable the temperature is.
I spent alot of time in the toddler room and they are just too cute. I love that age and the kids just love the attention. Also being a part of school was just too fun. The do school in English and the kids do alot of repeating. Their axcents are so cute. Today they worked on their colors and shapes. I am so happy Emmi gets to be a part of school now and is with the older girls. That is so good for her. She is catching up so quick. Also her legs are looking great and she is walking good too.
Until tomorrow, we miss and love you all.


Orange Mimi said...

Gracie says, " Willy looks like he is having a good time with Emmi. Gunner fell over backwards this morning and smacked his head. He is always trying to stand up. We miss you!"
Good to hear from you. Our prayers are with you!
God bless, Dad & Mom

Jen said...

Baby Emmi,
I have been talking about the evils of breakfast cereal. I will make sure you have yummy oatmeal when you get home. Are you praying for Crookshank Emmi, he needs to come home, Yogi won't find him like a good dog. Jaybo was yacky doodle last night. Talk talk talk, you would have been lovin' it Jen. Better check out the weather this weekend, Baby its cold outside. Love you all. Daddy-o XOXOXOX