Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back in Washington,It is cold outside and warm in my heart.

We made it home safely. The traveling home is a killer. It is so long. I woke up at 4:45 Haiti time so I could get all packed and have time with Emmi. I really didn't need to be up until 6:00, but I couldn't sleep.
We had a great time the night before with the 3, 20 something, girly girls who came on the trip and are staying on to help out with the school and Creche Christmas parties, as well as helping out in the nursery or anywhere else needed. Lots of laughs with them. As we were hanging out in the room and chatting the last night, I went to the bathroom and came back to a broken bed, it was too funny. Then we did a temporary fix and I went to the bathroom later and guess what?, it broke again. I think they were jumping on it when I was gone, although that would be hard being they were wood with a thin matress and no box spring. Willy ended up on the matress on the floor.
As we were hanging out in front of the Creche getting ready to leave, I was holding Emmi and all of a sudden she was saying "Momma, momma, momma", did I hear her? She called me Momma. Then she proceded to point at the truck and van that was taking us to town and said something in Creole. She knew I was leaving........but the cool part was she called me Momma! Emmi doesn't talk much so any words are good, but what a gift right before I left. I needed that.
Another cool story.....when Willy was helping do some painting he noticed one of the workers had some girl sandals on that were too small. So he asked if he could give him his tennis shoes, of course I said yes! He went back to our room, got the shoes, a shirt, some socks and a nice baseball cap and gave them to the guy. The next day he was spotted wearing the hat, not too sure what happened to the shoes. Sometimes they save them for going to town, sell them, or he may have gave them to his family. Often they only have one or two pair of clothes and save the nice pair for when they go to town. It is important to them to dress nice when in town. I think they feel it represents how rich they are by how nice they dress, so they want to look good. Everytime we go down there, I bring some clothes I don't care about bringing back, then the Aunties can have some new/used clothes. Once again we have so much here.
Looking back on the trip I feel a deep sense of sadness. Emmi was so sad, or sick, but just not herself. The realities of where she lives and the culture she lives in came very clear. Even though she is in a great Creche, she still has many hard things to deal with and see. It is very sad to me, and this trip was an eye opener to the deep hurt these children have inside. We are so blessed to have our children with us and in our homes, that we are able to feed them, give them clothes, a bed and love on them. It is a privilage and I will cherish that forever. As well as I will always be reaching out to the orphans of the world. I will never be able to just sit by and not love them. It is ingrained in me. I would challenge you to seek out what God has for you and your life and who he wants you to reach out to and love.
Pray Emmi's paperwork goes through quick and she will be home soon.

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Rebecca said...


I admire you so much. I think we might like to adopt someday but it seems like pure torture to have to visit your baby and then leave her. My mommies heart hurts for you! I can't wait to meet her. She is adorable.