Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ox cart ride

Hey, they turned on the generator for a short time in the morning so I may get to do two posts today. We got to go on an ox cart ride this morning, it is really hot and muggy. I wonder what the temperature it? Definitely not Washington weather. The sun felt so good. JJ had a great time on the ride up to the river. The river is way down from January, I was amazed! Wednesday is market day, so there were just people hanging out, it looked alot different. There was some thyme in the river where they keep it fresh until market day, you could smell it. Very cool. Madame Coindy, the head mommy to the kids, came and it was great talking with her and just learning more. She is an amazing woman and loves the kids so much. Her personality is so fun.

Emmi loves her Momma and JJ, and she loves to be in charge. I am so weak here. I was up early and they had her ready in the dress we brought for her. She is just too cute! I love her smiles. Can't get enough. Off to Mommie Duncan's for lunch.

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