Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our first day in Haiti

After traveling all day monday and not getting much sleep we finally arrived at the Creche today around noon. All the kids were eating lunch and they brought Emmi to us, she walked over. I can´t belive how much she has changed! She is walking, talking and playing. There has been such a huge change in her since January. I even got smiles today, it did take some warming up. Also she called me momma along with many other children, but to hear her talk and say momma was really cool. She does speak some Creole and can say no. Today she discovered the camera and has decided that maybe she likes it, we even got a posed smile. She does have an owie on her eye which is as described to me an epidemic that comes from the dust in the air, it is really dry here, not quite the rainy season. They are anxiously awaiting the rain. They are putting medication on it and there are others who have the same thing, it should be better in a week or so. When we first saw her she wasn´t too sure of me, but now doesn´t want to leave me. I love it! JJ and Emmi took a nap today, Emmi on the bed american style and JJ on the floor haitian style. I also snuck in a nap, it felt good. While Emmi was sleeping I painted her fingernails, they are soooo cute. JJ had a great time playing soccer and frisbee with the boys outside, they loved him! He is so fun and he looks so big next to them. I think JJ is liking it here, he said the Creche was bigger than he thought, and the kids are soooo cute. We put together the walker and they were very happy, thank you Gracie. It is hot here, overcast and muggy. We love you and miss you, but are loving seeing Emmi.


Orange Mimi said...

hi mommy!!

i miss you. i love you and jj!! i can't wait to see you on friday. i saw kung fu panda on monday. it was really funny. i got to play with gunnar all day today. he gave me so many smiles!!

tell jj that i love him!!
love sierra

Orange Mimi said...

Billy is trying to post a comment but tech is driving him nuts.. You go Billy!
We had a great day.. fun to show off Gunner and tell how only God knew that I would love to have a "Momma Helper" as fabulous as Sierra!! And she was already scheduled to be visiting me because you were in Haiti with JJ..
another example of God's perfect timing...
So good to hear you "report" give her lots of smooches from all the rest of the Hansens!!
God Bless,
Orange Mimi

Billy said...

Hey HoneyBabe,
I am so happy for you , you have been waiting FOREVER to see her again. Give her lots of smooches and whisper "Daddy-O loves Baby Emmi" to her for me. Give a gentle Zerbertt for me Jaybo. How much do I love the three of you?
Thiiiisss Muuuuuccchhh! XOXOXOX

Midboe Bunch said...

Sounds amazing! I can't wait to see her at the hansen household : )
Willy says I have to start checking this very often so Im going to try my best. I want the see lots of pictures and hear details when you two get back. OH...and Im SOO happy Emmi is giving you many smiles. That is the best : )

AprilC said...

So glad you took the walker!

Jesse said...

Hey everybody sounds like your really doing great over there we love you and support you

Terrie said...

Dear Jen, JJ and Emmi,
I was just praying for you this morning and then to get your email passed on by Teresa with a link to the photos was such a blessing to me! I got choked up looking at the photos, then burst out with a laugh at the adorable one with her hair up ( where she is wearing the yellow dress and you comment about the cute hairdoos ). In the photo "what a cutie", I think she looks so much like you Jen, especially with those big brown eyes!

You are in my thoughts and prayers,
Terrie (Bencivenga)