Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Going Home

Our last morning in Haiti was a hard one. JJ was not feeling well at all, I think he even had a fever and his stomach was really sick. He was very pale, I was worried. But I needed him to help at the airport so we could get out of Haiti safely. Everything went smoothly and by friday evening JJ was finally eating and feeling better. Thank you for your prayers. It was good to see him back to normal. After traveling for 26 hours we arrived safely at home and slept in our beds. It was nice to be home.

The last morning we got to play with Emmi and eat breakfast with her. She is just too cute. Someone brought out the sidewalk chalk and all the kids loved it! The older kids drew a picture of JJ, it was funny. When it came time to say good-bye, Madame Coindy told Emmi we have to leave but will come back when we have her papers ready. Emmi put her head down on my chest and gave me the biggest hug. She definitely knew what was happening. I felt like she knew all morning. The older kids know the routine for the trips, so they know the order of events and knew we were heading home. It is sad for all. When they took her away she threw a fit and I walked away. It wasn't as hard as I thought. I think I had prepared myself better, knowing it was just a visit, and she is well cared for. She had changed and improved so much that I know that can only happen in a good, loving environment. While we were hanging out waiting to go and I saw her eating a sucker, I guess they try to comfort the kids whose parents are leaving with a dum dum sucker. She was just sitting at the table eating her breakfast and happy, back to what she knows as normal. This whole process is so interesting to me. Sometimes I wonder if visiting is good or bad. I do notice that the kids whose parents visit really come out of their shell, that one on one time helps them feel loved, they feel connected to someone, they have a momma.

So once again we are called to pray for our Emmi and all 70 children in the Creche and Haiti. We still have more steps in the process and need to pray they go smoothly. There are so many factors. I just received info that our fingerprints are expiring, and so will other documents, so the sooner she comes home the better. I know it is God's plan and He is in control and His timing is perfect. I will rest in that.

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Easties said...

I can't imagine all of the emotions involved with a Haiti adoption. It is still very special to my heart when we were trying to pick our country. I hope that we can revisit Haiti once we have been married 10 years and maybe for baby #3. Well, I'm rambling. I just wanted you to know that my heart is with your family and Emmi, and you all are in our prayers. I personally think that it helps her when you visit. Children are so resilient, and it will give her more comfort to later move away from everything she knows and already have trust in you.