Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Friday, February 8, 2008

When is our Emmi coming home?

That is the question of the year and many are asking. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the Haitian government. There really is nothing we can do here but pray. There are many steps the paperwork has to go through in order to bring her home. My educated guess may be by the end of the summer, but so many things can happen, and we really have no control. They can close down Haiti to adoption today if they want and open it back up tomorrow. We will continue to pray and practice patience, I guess more character building, we never get too old for God to work in us. It is a good thing I can have some peace and can rest in God's timing, knowing He is in control.


The Hornes'es said...

That's a great outlook you have on the timing. I know you're patience is getting tested, but the bottom line is that God has called you to do this, and you WILL get her! She WILL come. Enjoy this time with the family that is in the house now, because things will change - so enjoy this time, and God will bring her when she's ready and most importantly when He is. I can't wait!
I hope Sierra is doing better - sorry for the annoying texts you'll get when you return, I forgot you were in whistler. :-/
Ha! See you in a few weeks!

BER & ISA said...

Hello from Barcelona (Spain) !!!
We were searching in the internet for information about Crèche de L'Enfant Jesus in Haiti, because we're adopting a little baby girl called Widline (Lucia) from there, and we found your beautiful blog about sweet Emmi adoption.
It's nice to share information with other mum's and dad's that are in the same or similar situation as we're.
We're so few couples from Spain adopting in Haiti, because the distance is so-so far, and we're not as organized as you in the US.
Our little girl Widline (who's 1st birthday was last Saturday ) is actually in the house for little and new babies, but she's going to be transferred soon to the big house.

Do you plan to travel to the crèche in the next future ? For us in Spain is almost a dream cause we have more than 7.000 km distance, but my husband and me are seriously thinking about visiting our baby about August, I don't know what will happen, but I'm sure that the Lord is taking care of our little babies

So I will be very happy if you would like to keep in contact with us, and it will be a pleasure to hear about you and your adorable and sweetie Emmie
Best regards from sunny Barcelona
Isa & Ber

p.s. my mail are berisa1@terra.es or berisa2@gmail.com of you want to contact me

Brion said...

Wow....what a ride thus far. I can not imagine the emotional drain it all must be. How does anyone ever live a life without Jesus to take this burden from us?

I don't know.... Well, you guys are awesome and we miss you. I pray we get to visit soon. We will visit within the first few months of birth, so that is for sure.

Give our love to the family and someday I will actually post something on my blog. :)

Rachel has one for us, but it isn't used either.

Well, off to "school" (online). God bless.