Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

October update!

We finally got an update on Emmi. Last month due to the hurricanes we didn't get an update, so here it is. There has been absolutly no movement in our paperwork and we can't seem to figure out why, so start praying that we can get some answers and if there is anything we can do here. At the orphanage she is doing well; "sleeping is perfect", she is happy and plays with others well. She is sick right now with a cough and cold. But fortunately due to the donations of everyone, she is able to take some vitamin c and other medications. Thanks to all the people who have given in so many different ways.

On the homefront we continue navigate our way through life. Billy is enjoying his new job, but has to work a lot so he is missing us and we are very much missing him. Willy is working at Target part-time, taking a class at Whatcom Community College and 4 classes at Meridian High School. he is such a good student and is doing very well. He is currently on brake from baseball but it buffing up for the upcoming season. JJ is at Meridian High School full time and is doing awesome, he has adjusted from homeschool well. Wrestling is just around the corner and he is anticipating a tough season after winning first last year. Sierra is homeschooling and attending MP3 where I teach while she is in class. She loves it and has made some great friends. She is also loving dance, and is very good at it. Sierra and I joined a homeschool co-op this year, I love it! I wish I would have found it when the boys were little.

All of the kids were involved in a government class of some sort so we all learned a lot and became very knowledgeable about the government and politics. The elections became a family thing, and we all felt it helped us make educated decisions about he elections.

As for me, I continue to be the mom, wife and friend God has called me to be while continuing to seek Him daily through prayer and reading. One thing I have learned from the adoption so far is prayer, and the peace that can come from prayer. I am in so many different situations where really all I can do is pray. Also taking a dance class can be really fun and exercise!

So in less than a month Willy and I will head to Haiti and see Emmi, hopefully she will be better then. My prayer is that we will learn more about her case and have some great bonding time for us with Emmi and Willy and I. Of course safe travels. Have a blessed day!

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