Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our last day in Haiti

Today was a wonderful day. Emiline greeted me with a smile this morning. She really knows I am momma. So many smiles and giggles today, I hate to leave. All the children are so beautiful and smart. By the way if your interested, there are 3 amazing beautiful boys that are available and I have pictures of them. It is so much fun, they just swarm to you and love you. I'm pretty sure it makes it harder for the aunties, so many distractions. This morning we got to watch Emmi do her physical therapy with Jasmine. She is so amazing with her. We are so blessed. We need to be praying that she wants to walk so she can move up to the toddler room, she loves the older kids. For lunch we(our group and our kids) walked to Mommies Duncan's house, down the road from the Creche. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. She owns the property the Creche, the church and the schools are on. The food here is so good, way better than I thought.We have rice and beans every night, with goat, tilapia fish, pork and something like steak, no cereal, except the fruit loops someone brought to share with the kids. Billy handed out Smarties to all the kids today during outside time, they loved it! Tomorrow morning we will say good-bye to Emmi for a short time until we can come back to visit again(I am already planning another trip) or better bring her home. Oh, she loves the pics of Willy, JJ and Sierra. I show her every day and she smiles. She already loves you. Pray for safe travels back home.
We are having problems with computer so maybe no pics. I will post more when we get home.
We love all of you and thanks for being apart of our family adventure.


Rebecca said...

Your little girl is simply beautiful!

Cris said...

We can't believe this is REALLY happening! Just can't wait for you ALL to be TOGETHER and a FAMILY. We'll talk to you soon. We've been praying this week for this trip and you're already on your way home. We love you 6!!!
Dan, Cris & Kids

Makayla said...

Bill and Jen,
Thank you so much for doing the blog, we are loving following it. We are praying for you and your family and of course, precious little Emmiline. I'm sure you're all are experiencing a full gammit of emotions. It's so exciting to see her smile and respond to you. She is sooo beautiful! I know the Lord is so pleased with your faith and obedience to Him, and of course so are we! Love you all,
Makayla,Michael & Kids

Dei said...

We are glad that you had a great trip, Emmiline is gorgeous and we can't wait to meet her and hold her and tia Deiby can't wait to play with that beautiful hair and cook rice and beans for her!
We want to hear everything about it in person!
Hope to see you guys soon!
Benson and Deiby