Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Monday, January 21, 2008

We made it safely to Haiti and Emiline is precious

What an amazing place! I can't believe how beautiful the children are and so much love. We got to meet our sweet Emiline(pronounced Emileen or Emi for short) When we were introduced to Emi she put her cheek next to mine and within minutes was fast asleep on my shoulder. After waking we ate lunch together, Billy's Cheerios were a big hit! One of the babies we brought she likes. She loves the stacking cups (Angel) as do all the kids. They are content with just one. After some play time alone we went to the baby room, where Emiline stays. There were around 15 babies all just playing on the floor looking for love with only 2 toys. They are very content to just be around you and hang on you(and yes I was peed on, I couldn't say no to those beautiful faces) The facility here is amazing, I can't believe how nice. We haven't got much of a smile out of Emiline but I saw her interact with one of her aunties and she was giggling like crazy. She is crawling and very mellow(just wait until she gets home to our crazy family) The drive out here was very humbling, we have so much. Continue to pray for us and what God will have for us to do here, for a great connection and sleep.


Jen said...

We love the pictures'!!!
and the story...

Jen said...

hey this is sierra, and it is very exciting to hear that Emi is laughing. Of course i laugh alot to but i know that someday god will let a smile out of her.
with love,
give emiline 9 kisses and 9 hugs from jj please do this eachday,

Caleb said...

Thank you for the update. First we are so excited for you. Gracie wants uncle moo to give Emiline a nice hug for her (not an anaconda Squeeze) May God Bless the rest of your trip and keep your energy up..
P.S Gracie thinks if you could remember some of Emiline`s friends names that some of our friends might adopt them. :-)

Love from all of us..

William III said...

nice job on the pictures and all but seriously you need to keep with the rest of us. you need to update like every day at least if not twice. but ya love what you wrote and really happy it is all going good. so lator and femember have fun with it. hang loose you all.