Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saying good-bye and hello

Yesturday we had to say good-bye to Emmi. I hadn't thougt too much about what it would be like until later in the trip and decided it wouldn't be too bad because of her age, and maybe she really won't know what is going on. Was I wrong. Madame Coindy told all the kids, with parents visiting, at breakfast that their mommies and daddies need to go back and get their papers before they can take them home. When they get the papers they will take you home. She told us how to say in Creole come back, so I told Emmi over and over "Momma come back". Now for some reason Emmi had decided half way threw the last day she didn't want anything to do with Billy, no smooches or holding. I think she didn't want to share her mommie with anyone, not even the other kids. When it was time to leave they came and got her and she threw a fit, the girl likes things her way. It broke my heart. It was way harder than I thought. I am so glad I have the comfort to know she is loved and cared for. I can't wait to go back. I loved Haiti and the people. Driving back into Port-au-Prince I was reminded of the living conditions outside the Creche. It added to the sadness of leaving.. I will continue to pray for Haiti and the people. There life is so simple and relaxed, unlike our stressed, hurried lives. On the way home we had to make a stop in the Bahammas for 1 1/2 hours. I have always wanted to go there and Billy does joke that the only reason I picked Haiti is for the sun, I do love the sun! So after being up 25 hours and traveling 22 we finally made it home to our kids sleeping in the livingroom waiting for us. I am so excited to be home, yet already miss by baby. I truely believe God brings us through things to bring us closer to Him as well as bless others and be blessed. Emmi has touched my heart in a way only a child can, and daily I will humbly seek God and continue to pray for her, the children, the Aunties and the paperwork! It gives me peace to know in a situation where I have no control, God does! And for now I am called to pray.

Thanks for all the posts, I love to hear from you all. I am going to be printing it out for Emmi's albums, so if you havn't yet, please post. I will update from time to time if you want to continue with us on our journey.


Shauna said...

I can not wait to meet you. You are such a blessing to more than those in the Hansen family. I hope that when you are old enough to read this that you will know how much you are loved, anticipated and welcomed with open arms.

The Hornes'es said...

Emmi - my sweet Emmi. One day when you are older, say about 18 or up - will you sit your parents down and ask them to tell you the whole story of how they came to adopting you? Honestly, you have two of the most amazing people I know as your PARENTS!! You are so special, they chose YOU! Wow.
When they tell you the story - just listen. It's incredible and such a testimony to those around them.
We cannot wait to meet you, hold you, hug you, love you - and yes, Scott will tease you! It's just what he does...just ask your big sister Sierra! :-)

We love you Emmi Hansen! You have an incredible story to be told!

With Much anticipated love -
Scott and Heidi Horne