Hansen family of six!

Hansen family of six!
Home with Emmi

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ox cart trip and lots of Emi time

The day started with an ox cart ride through the local villages to the haitian market place along a river. It was beautiful. There was alot of fun in the sun including sun burns. We got to see schools, families, homes, goats, a big pig, kids playing soccer, a tap-tap(a truck when the bed has benches that transports more people than you can imagine, they are everywhere, like a taxi), and someone climb a coconut tree with his hands and feet 20 feet up. The market place was filled with many Haitian food, toiletries, ginger root, garlic, mackreal, homemade charcoal and much more.
I was welcomed home with a smile from Emiline that made my day. I really love her aunties, even though I can't communicate with them. They all know her well and love on her. Everyday they dress her up and make sure she is ready for us. I got to feed her lunch today, it looked yummy!, rice and beans. After a short nap, for me and Emiline, we spent most of the afternoon outside. She loves it out there and seems to come more alive. I think she likes to be around the bigger kids. We brought out the bubbles and she loved them as did the other kids. She is walking around while holding our hands, when she wants. Gracie, we saw her use her walker just like yours.
We love you all and miss you.
(I will add pics later)

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Shauna said...

Jen and Billy
I am so excited that you get to hold Emi, love on her and see her country! I have continued to pray for you and your growing family.
All my love, Shauna